Friday, January 1, 2016

2016, what will you bring?

Happy New Year!!!
It is the first post of the year 2016. I have been unpacking boxes for the past hour or two, and I decided to take a small break and post on this blog, as an update on our move to Kajaani from Joensuu and how we spent the holidays.
Christmas was spent in Jyväskylä, with my second family. Finnish Christmas is always so peaceful, completely different than how I would celebrate in Greece, with our big family gatherings and the night outs in tavernas or bars. Here people just stay home, tell their news, and give presents to each other. We do that on New Year´s Eve.
I am glad we decided to be in Jyväskylä for Xmas, we took a breath without worrying that much about packing. That stress came right when we returned home to Joensuu. Packing is hard, but the move is even harder. On the 28th our friends came over and helped with that. I am so grateful they woke up in the early morning to help us with such heavy work.
We barely had time to fill the truck that S.´s uncle drove, and we even needed an extra trailer. But everything went smoothly, the weather was nice, and we arrived to our new home in the early evening. We brought most of the stuff inside the apartment and went to sleep early. First night was really hard to rest and the next two days were even more challenging. We drove back to Joensuu, returned the trailer, played some D&D, and slept over at our friends´ home, which I deeply appreciate. Next day, had to clean the apartment in Joensuu. Gosh, that was so tiring and we were super stressed about staying on schedule to return the keys. But now this is all over!
The new apartment is a bit bigger, warmer and I am positive it will look cozy and really pretty when all the boxes are finally out of the way and our things in order. I think tomorrow or Sunday we might even be done with everything.
Expenses came along with the move, and there will be even more, ordering new appliances and furniture. It will be ok, just needs a bit of planning.
Apart from all this fuss, I missed my parents these days. I would have liked to be with them, but we at least skyped on New year´s eve. They are also so happy about us and their love fills my heart with warmth.
Our transition to 2016 was rather peaceful. We walked a bit around at midnight and watched the fireworks, but there was no strength left to go for a drink and do anything more special than that. I am still though very happy that it was the second year I could be next to S. The first year, 2013 to 2014, that we were apart, was painful inside. Now I feel so much better in his arms.
The first day of the year was cold, but we still went out to the center. I like Kajaani, the central street is pretty and full of stores around. Even though it is a smaller city than Joensuu, it is equally beautiful. I think I will enjoy my time here. Plus, luckily everything is fairly near, so I wouldn´t need a bus to move around.
Right now tireness is overwhelming, but I have to finish some paperwork before I rest. Changing our address was easy at least.
Monday I am starting my job. I am trying to be excited about it and not stressed, but that is so hard! I hope I won´t be as clumsy as usual and I will make a good impression. Luckily, people here so far seem more friendly and talkative than in Joensuu, which was rather surprising.
I will update on more Kajaani impressions later on. Now, on to unpacking again.