Wednesday, December 23, 2015

So close to Xmas

A few days ago we took a stressful trip to Kajaani with S. in our new/not new car. The weather still doesn´t remind of Christmas (well, it started snowing today luckily), so our trip was smooth.
We found the new apartment fairly easily and took a tour at the whole building. And of course, we saw our new home.

I can´t express enough how long I had been waiting for this moment, to come with S. into a new home and start from scratch together to furnish and decorate it. It has been too long. When I moved to Finland, I only had two suitcases with me, all my personal stuff was mostly my clothes- give me a break, I moved in the summer, of course I needed two suitcases. In any case, I basically moved into someone else´s home and settled there. I have been using his things to do anything, I have been using his laptop to write my blog posts, which is also one of the reasons why I stopped at some point, because it felt wrong to take advantage of all these benefits.
But now, now we will have the chance to buy new pretty furniture, to finally have that air hockey table open at all times, to think and rethink and re-organize our rooms... To quarrel and to stress and to spend New Year´s at OUR home. I am so excited and I have been emotional since then.
The apartment is nice. It is warm and cozy and looks like new, with freshly painted walls... I am expecting hardships at first but I am also really happy that I will finally have a salary and we can invest in new things and in a nicer living.

Tomorrow we are heading to S.´s parents, my second family, for Christmas. Shortly after that, we will have to move already. We will get lots of help from them, and I appreciate that a lot. I have the feeling that everything will be fine. It has to be.

Only sad thing is, we are once again parting from our friends. But, I guess that is life, and that is the life that we have chosen. At least now I know that I made some precious friends in Joensuu as well, and I am preparing to make some more.
We have promised that we will be going there on trips to see them and play with them. :)

It is important, during these days, to know that you are not alone, nor you will ever be. I am grateful for all the people I have had in my life and with who I have shared special moments, little or big.
With that in mind, I will wake up tomorrow, on Christmas Eve. And every day after that.

Merry Christmas.