Saturday, July 4, 2015

W-end in Jyväskylä and summer arrival in Joensuu

I spent last weekend in Jyväskylä, walking in a park filled with stone statues, while trying to protect myself from the rain, and enjoying the next sunny day in the center of the city and around the port.
This city is in my heart, it is always beautiful and there is something special about it every time I visit.

So I watched the ducks and the swans (!) in the lake in Keltinmäki...

 Had a huge burger for dinner in the "American Diner" in the center... (no photos of the yummy burger, it was too yummy to not eat right away).

Saw some players preparing for "street hockey", because, it is always a good time for that sport aparently! 

And walked around the port, enjoying the sunshine, the light breeze and the cold lake...

The trip to Joensuu was unexpectedly effortless and since then I can say I have been (somehow) satisfied with the weather. July has come already and on the 3rd the temperature evne reached 27 Celcius degrees, which was super warm and felt amazing. 
This is why I made an exception in my general rule of not going to the beach before the end of July, and rushed to the nearest beach, in Linnunlahti. 
It was the first time I swam in a lake, and it felt surprisingly refreshing! A chilly feeling was coming in waves, but in some parts the water was warm and felt so nice to just leave all problems away and enjoy myself. 

Finnish summer seems to motivate the locals to go out more, walking around the center. The Farmari convention near the Joensuu Arena has gathered large crowds around the area, making the town more lively to my eyes. I even saw a horse carriage in the central park, lovely! 
Apart from the crowd buzz, there are small details that make this place even more interesting, like the students playing music in the center, tickling my ears, bringing a smile on my face. It is so nice to meet talented people and listen/see/admire their effort and natural gift. 

My first summer in Finland seems so far really promising, with good friends surrounding me, and new experiences all the time.