Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer (?)

Juhannus (Midsummer) is almost upon us! And the weather seems to disagree, so it is pouring rain every. single. day.  Hopefully it will be sunny on Saturday, so I could enjoy seeing the big bonfire (kokko) and a nice picnic with friends.

The horrible weather doesn´t seem to bother the seabirds from making their nests by the river. Yesterday we decided to take a walk in Penttilä with a friend, and apparently we walked too close to a nest... One moment we noticed a seabird upon us, the second after that it hit me on the head! First time I have ever been attacked by a bird I have to say, luckily it didn´t poop on me. I remember shouting several times, ´cause I thought "Oh now its gang will go after me!" those badass birds have no limits. But luckily it was ok, we took a different route and did not disturb them anymore.
However, I think I got a fear for birds anymore...

In other news (and pretty late ones) I finally got a practicing place for the summer somewhere that I am interested in professionally. Fingers crossed, on Monday I am starting. The lady who showed me around made it clear to everyone that no one should use english to communicate with me.

So that´s it. I am diving in deep waters.

I haven´t posted about this yet on this blog, but I completed my finnish language and culture educational program, at the end of May. That provided me with a graduation paper and a quite decent language level for the 9 months that I spent studying (B.1.1. - Intermediate).
I can say I am glad this is over and I am nervous for entering another course -interview coming up tomorrow- to continue learning, and even specializing in my field of vocabulary. I am not having high hopes on that program though, since I will be travelling to Italy and Greece for 4 weeks, just when the classes have started...
Let´s hope I can turn it around.

I will end this post with some photos from moments that I have had at my previous school, with trips to other schools and pretty landscapes :)

Some words about illnesses (it was in winter, so...)

Awesome project statue in Joensuun Ammattiopisto 

Another bobo statue at the Ammattiopisto <3 

Things I have made at Niittylahti <3 
(The little troll in the middle is not mine though.)

Friendship lizards.

Niittylahti in winter.

The lake behind the school building.

Yummy chocolate from Russia. Love you Vika <3 

Trip to Suuri Kalliojärvi, about 28 km from Joensuu.

Owlie is enjoying the sausages hihi

Graduation rose...

I didn´t post a group picture which I had in my computer, I try not to post about faces in the photos, so to respect their privacy.
It was a fun year, really challenging and difficult at times, but, honestly, the teachers are the best-est! 
And I made good friends who are already succeeding in their goals for a great living in Finland! 
<3 Only love <3 
Hyvää Juhannusta!