Friday, June 19, 2015

Rainy night

I have to say that almost every day in Finland brings surprises to me. This day was no exception, as it was full of "firsts".
If there was anything that I could say about my life, is that for the most part it just looked like a secure bubble. Since I moved away I have started pinching that bubble with a tiny needle, until it finally breaks to set me free of all insecurities, fears and stress of the unknown and the terrifying new experiences.

Starting from the morning, it was supposed to be an important day. I had an interview for a finnish language program, which allowed immigrants to learn through experience in work environments, by practices. Everything went quite ok, until I told them honestly that I would have to leave for 4 weeks to Greece in September. They immediately said that this would be a huge problem, since it was the start of the course with vital info for the students.
After that line, I stopped having high hopes for passing to the course. I felt guilty for a moment, even though technically there was nothing wrong that I was doing. I generally take failure hard, with intense mood waves and whining. This time it took a few minutes to realize that the world doesn´t end there and I can find other possibilities to fill my time once we get back in autumn and stay active.

After that I enjoyed a yummy coffee at Houkutus in the center of Joensuu and headed to the finnish summer course by the organization JoMoni. This time we went to a playground and played Mölkky.
Mölkky is a game like bowling, but instead of rolling a ball to pins you have to throw a wooden pin to a bunch (12) of other pins (or skittles). The purpose is to get exactly 50 points.
It was a fun game which I would definitely try again.

Closing the course after wishing "Hyvää Juhannusta" (Happy Midsummer), I walked to the central market square, where I got myself an authentic greek souvlaki with pita from Mihailin Pita Souvlaki.
Both workers in the cantine were really polite despite being busy, and it felt surprisingly weird, but so good at the same time, speaking in greek face to face with someone in Finland.
I felt I had missed that flavor so much, it was so dreamy and yum I devoured it in an instant (oops), filling my batteries with energy again.

The evening was also really nice, involving a meeting with a dear friend who arrived back home from her internship in India. For the first time, I could ask and take answers about this different country and culture from a friend. And of course I got lovely souvenirs from that exotic place, which I am grateful for.
She actually kept a blog about her visit in India and Sri Lanka. (in finnish)
Holding the same philosophical and intellectual spirit in the conversation, we moved to the sauna. A more traditional one than the electric one, which we have in our apartment. I dare say it was the first time I tried going to the sauna with another person than my boyfriend. And the good thing is, I am getting over the fear of nudity and body inconfidence.
Sitting in the patio after sauna, still letting the steam off your body, while listening to the rain is pretty cool and calming. I will definitely try it again, if given the chance.

Another first was seeing a hedgehog in the yard. It was super cute and even though it seemed afraid, let me actually take an adorable picture.

Last but not least, for the first time (shockingly) I got to walk home alone at midnight. Ever since I came to Finland, I was always with company around. I never noticed until tonight how scared I am, even in thie phenomenically safe place.
I walked by the river, listening to the rain, sometimes looking behind me stressfully, but after all had a peaceful walk home, accompanied by the far sound of the traffic and the beautiful songs of the birds.

The sky is so cloudy it seems like actual night has returned in Finland. Hopefully tomorrow it will be a white night, so we can enjoy the greatness of the bonfire on the water.
But for now, I need some sleep. Goodnight.