Saturday, June 20, 2015


Friday was Midsummer's Eve, the day when most people go to their cottages to spend the weekend grilling, drinking and going to the sauna.
The ones remaining in the city had the opportunity to see a big beautiful bonfire (kokko), as they gathered around Jokiasema at 23.00. (There were at least 2 more places that they lighted a bonfire, outside of the city, Niittylahti and Utra).

Live music, peaceful weather with no rain and the amazing fire set the atmosphere for everyone to enjoy the night.Since then it seems that we have been favored with warmth and sunlight. It feels like the official (yet late) start of summer for a southerner like me, yet the beauty of this new world is once more thrilling.

Juhannus was a bright and relaxing day. Every day is better with friends, sauna and good food, so we took care of all those. Raparperipiirakka (or more like a rhubarb cake/pie) was a success, in my surprise, and surprisingly easy to make.

Tomorrow will be the last day of my short "vacation", as on Monday I am starting my practice at the city central hospital. Feels stressful, challenging and exciting at the same time.

But now it is time to enjoy this Saturday evening, before welcoming the next dawn.