Friday, March 20, 2015

Biathlon in Kontiolahti and trip to Niittylahti

Today I am sick, so I am actually absent from school. However, since spring is here for good, and days are sunny and super pretty, I decided to record a video to show how my trip to school looks like, especially to my friends to give them a taste of Finland.
I recorded the video last week. I kept my phone on the bus window and started recording. The trip lasted about 25 minutes, so I had to speed the video up and cut some parts. That way I saved almost 10 minutes.
Unfortunately, the video editor that I used was a trial version, so its advert keeps popping up in the video. I was not aware of that until I uploaded it on Youtube. :(
I hope you watch and enjoy. Today is the total solar eclipse, so I am ready to watch that, despite the headache that I have been having since yesterday :D These days have been very interesting generally, there was a magnetic storm a few days ago, which allowed us to see the Northern Lights even from the center of the city. That was the first time that I witnessed this miracle of nature, I was so excited!

Here is the video: Joensuun keskusta- Niittylahti

The second part of this post is about the Biathlon, which lasted from the 4th of March until the 15th.
I was happy to volunteer for a couple of days and enjoy seeing tourists and athletes from all over the world (even Greek ones!).
It was a nice and special experience, There were so many volunteers, so many great races. The spectator's area was super cold though, so we actually needed ski trousers and really warm coats.
Here is the link to the event, in case you want to learn about results and how the program was: