Monday, January 19, 2015


As I was looking at some of my photos from last year, I checked a bunch of them which were taken in Joensuu, Finland, when I first moved back here. The ones I am uploading today were from an art event, part of the Parafest, which was held in the middle of August in the city. (link in Finnish In a short description, we visited the Art Center "Ahjo", where people with special needs, like mobility problems or Down Syndrome, had an exhibition of paintings, sculptures etc. Some were even sold. In other rooms there were groups with drums who improvised and just had fun with the vivid rhythm. 
After we took a small tour, we participated in a short event, where we had to be blindfolded, while a blind guide would help us get some coffee by giving us instructions and discuss casually. The point was to give us a taste of how it is to not have your sight. 
It was a very unique event and I would gladly check it again during the next years. Also the great gigs and theatrical plays that are being held during that time. 
So, here are a few pictures from that sunny summer day in Joensuu...

 The room where they improvised with drums. Everyone could be a part of the group.


The Art Museum in Joensuu. 

Posters about Parafest