Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A piece of the Greek Paradise, Skopelos

It's been a long time since I last posted a blog. A little bit more than a month. So many things happened during this time, that I will have to post separate blogs about each life event.
Now for the first time I'm posting a blog from Finland, as I came to welcome my new life.
It was stressful at first, it still is sometimes, but the experience is totally worth it. 

But, I will return with more on this subject another time. Now it's time to show one of the places I visited in Greece for vacation. 
That place was Skopelos, a part of the island group Sporades, in the Aegean. 
It's "between" Skiathos and Alonissos. Skiathos is known for being lively, while Alonissos has exceptional beauty. 
Skopelos was a calm island, not too crowded with tourists. We noticed many French tourists there. It is mostly an attraction to families that want to relax at its beautiful beaches and admire the nature, in comparison to Skiathos, which attracts mostly students who want to party (However its beaches are also very clean and beautiful, both islands are worth seeing, each for its own beauties).

We stayed in an area called Panormos in Skopelos. It was one of the greatest and cleanest beaches we've been to (earned a blue flag for 2014) and most of the time there was no wind, so no waves, just tranquil sea, among the green landscape...
The area was rather peaceful, with only one mini market and taverns around (next to the sea). 

 We also visited the main town by bus (took more than half hour as I recall), took a walk near the port and climbed to the Venetian Castle. There was no actual "castle" but a wall that surrounded the highest place that we reached. The view was amazing from above. 

More practical stuff. The ship from Ag. Konstantinos port took 4 and a half hours. (It also takes about 2 hours to reach the port from Athens.) 
There are timetables for the busses which you can find online, as well as a taxi station at the main town, the prices are fixed for every area that you go. 
The prices of the hotels can be affordable but most of them are apparently small and simple. Prices for vacation can also seem affordable in quality/price ratio. 

We definitely enjoyed our time there and the sun kissed us generously (maybe too generously, ouch)...

Until next time, have a happy rest of the summer and choose Greece! :D