Sunday, June 15, 2014

The pursuit of happiness

Everyone was asking me how I was. 
I was fine. Friday wasn't there yet. I was fine, completely neutral, without any stress, any agony or any sort of happiness or melancholy for "what happens next" or for the actual moment. The moment someone would call my name and I would go on stage to get the so-desired degree. The piece of paper that would define what I had been doing these years, all these countless hours of attending courses at the front row, laughing hysterically for a silly reason, yawning when it was too early in the morning or too late in the afternoon, getting stressed and studying for the exams at the last night. 
I was fine. And then Friday came. 
And the moment I stepped in the university, a crowd of photographers every few meters just wanted to have me pose for their cameras, until my wide smile became a natural expression on my face, that, due to the actual pure happiness I started feeling after seeing all my classmates again in that beautiful, warm, sunny day, wasn't just going away. 
My mother, my brother and Alex came at the ceremony. My friends were happier than ever and it was much fun overall. 
The teacher who helped me with my exchange studies, as well as with my final thesis, was so glad, and her hug felt so warm. I was touched not only by that, but also with her kind words at the emails we exchanged later that day, as a more emotional and poetic touch to the whole experience. 
So here are some pictures...  
 First, the flowers my mom and Alex gave me for my graduation. <3 They are so pretty! And of course, Alex's card :D My mom gave me a little card as well, it was so cute :) And I love reading wishes! It was very touching...

So this is the paper I spent 4 years for...

After the ceremony, we went with Alex for lunch at a new Mexican restaurant :3 Yummies! 
And free strawberry Margaritas \o/

After this whole thing passed, I finally felt it. The end of my student life had come. And it was time to hold dear every little memory and move on. Just like we have to do with all the things in our lives. Because every experience only comes once...

The day of course didn't end there, I spent most of it with friends until midnight. The next day was also relaxing and full of walks etc. But Sunday was different. 

I started sending CVs and filling in forms as a job seeker in Finland. I am very nervous about it, but still positive and hope that the best is yet to come. I will continue with more applications tomorrow, again having the same mood. 
The stormy day (seems that June is having some emotional breakdown or depression) didn't stop me from watching Mamma Mia after taking care of my businesses, and thinking about my own vacation, soon to come.

Last but not least... Another first step was made. And it is probably the biggest. I started packing my stuff for Finland. I started with winter clothes and shoes, and still got a long way to go. My room is a chaos and I need to take care of everything and clean it pretty soon, surely before I go on holiday. 

But now it is time to rest. Maybe I'll get lost in my thoughts again, all of these changes are happening so fast, it's hard to ignore them. 
Until tomorrow, a new day, goodnight. :)