Monday, May 26, 2014

Love doesn't know of any distance, or time

Today my close friend, Alex, was graduating from university. The feelings I have are happiness and pride for her, admiration and love.
And I've been thinking how years pass by, and how we just chase happiness, how our lives change but we're still kinda the same, despite our development through time. 

I've known Alex since we were 4 or 5 years old. Now we're almost 23 and we're closer than ever.
I remember being jealous as a little kid, of her Minnie Mouse t-shirt. God, I hated her for having that t-shirt. I wanted it so badly.

Then in early primary school, I admired her, and was jealous sometimes, because she was very pretty. And equally smart. But we always got along, and sat next to each other every year at school. 
People were trying to make us argue, telling us fake stories and lies.
One time they managed it. We were 12 and I had the chicken pox. So I was missing from school for about a week and when I got back, two girls told me that Alex just wanted to sit with me to have my notes and copy from my exercises. I felt so disappointed and I was rude to Alex during a lesson the next day. She walked away in tears and that's when I realized how stupid I was.
It wasn't the only time people tried to do the same, but since that time I just ignored them. Overtime I just appreciated Alex more. 

After primary school, we went to different junior high schools, and we only saw each other in English classes, in a private institution we were signed up in. Still, she was there, giving me cards (that's her thing, and our thing) and gifts, for my name day, or for my birthday.
She was always there on my birthday. She still is, of course, and always gives me something she made on her own, plus a card which is always sweet.
After we were 15 we didn't talk so much, again because of our different environments and our schedules, which were tighter. 

But when we graduated from high school, eventually we started getting closer again, and built this caring and honest relationship.

When I was in Finland for my Erasmus program, I sent her a moomin card and 2 moomin mugs for her name day.
She posted a photo of the gifts on facebook and wrote "Love doesn't know of any distance in the end." 

Now we're next to each other again, as a chapter of life is ending and another one is beginning. As our student life is over and we're trying to figure out our future and choices. 

So, after all these years (almost 18), I must admit, I'm grateful I have her in my life. No matter how many months, or years might pass that we're away, it will always be like I saw her yesterday when I meet her again.

She'll always be that special to me.

I love you Alex, congratulations and good luck in your life.

Of course I would have a letter for this day. <3 And flowers too!