Saturday, June 20, 2015

Gifts and journeys

Such a full day today! 
First successful task, got the tickets for my boy and me! We'll be going to Skopelos this summer to enjoy the sea and the sun ^_^. 

So, yay! \o/ Now it feels like summer is so close! 

Then I met one of the Erasmus exchange students from Finland, Linda. Most of the exchange students I met this year in Greece have left already back home :( And she is leaving tomorrow... 
So we went to grab a coffee at 360 in Monastiraki square. And she gave me a "thank you" present, pretty flowers! 

I'm so happy, I've received many presents from students who visited Greece, (and of course from friends back in Finland when I was an exchange student there!)
Like a tasty Fazer chocolate (yum!), as well as a t-shirt and a mug from Estonia ^_^ ! 

Last but not least, we had a rehearsal today! Unfortunately Mike couldn't make it, but Lara and me tried two new songs together! The burden is mine... alone by Green Carnation and A Night Like This by Caro Emerald! They turned out nice and we had a lot of positive energy :) . 

So this was all for today, gonna browse a few e-shops for my graduation outfit  and rest :3 

And the weekend is only a few hours away!!! <3