Saturday, June 20, 2015

Boats boats boats!

Today was a satisfying day. Gym, Finnish lesson, all done. 
But most importantly, I went near the sea with one of my friends from the university, Nina.
So, we went to Mikrolimano (=Small port) in Piraeus, saw the boats-boats-boats! and had some nice chatting. 

The weather was sunny and warm, without much wind, so we enjoyed our walk and staying outside. 

Despite the mosquitoes which were flying all around in the evening! >.<

Also, because it was a day in the middle of the week, the place wasn't so crowded. Which I guess I also enjoyed. 

This was just a taste of Athens during the summer (which hasn't yet come fully, it just started to get quite warm, around 28-32 degrees Celsius), there will of course be more of Greece in the near future ^_^ .

So Happy Hump Day :)